Drivers Education


The intent of the Mourning Light Foundation’s scholarship program is to provide high quality education that will give students the best opportunity to obtain skills that will lead to a lifetime of safe driving.

Full Scholarships are available for either AAA’s 6-hour behind-the-wheel package, (valued at $330.00), or for the complete 30-hour classroom and behind-the-wheel package (valued at $460).

Please complete the Mourning Light Scholarship application below and the AAA Driving School enrollment form. Submit both forms to Mourning Light Foundation P.O. Box 481 Manheim, PA 17033. If you are unable to print the application please email us at to have an application mailed to you.

Important Notes about the Classroom:

  • The Pennsylvania Department of Education requires that each student successfully complete all 30 hours of instruction to receive classroom certification. Students are responsible for arranging any necessary make-up sessions with the instructor (Note: make-up sessions may not be available for several months).
  • If a student is unable to participate in the classroom course after is has been scheduled, and space in the class has been reserved, an administrative fee of $50.00 will be assessed. Your Mourning Light Scholarship does NOT cover this fee.

Important Notes about Behind-The-Wheel Instruction:

  • Students who successfully complete AAA Driving School’s 6-hour Behind-The-Wheel program will receive a free, one year AAA membership.
  • Behind-The-Wheel lessons are normally held once a week for approximately 6 weeks (Note: Practice is important! Students who receive minimal or no practice between lessons often require more than 6 hours to earn certification).
  • If additional hours are required to successfully complete the program, Mourning Light scholarship recipients will be charged our prorated AAA member rate of $55.00 for each hour that is necessary to achieve success.
  • Student’s are required to present a valid learner’s permit prior to every in-car lesson. If the student is required to wear glasses or contact lenses for driving, he/she must wear them during every in-car lesson. Failure to comply with either of these requirements will result in cancellation of the lesson, and assessment of a $50.00 cancellation fee.
  • All Behind-The-Wheel lessons are conducted from the AAA Central Penn branch at 804 Estelle Drive, Lancaster. In the rare instance that the student must be picked up at his or her home, an additional fee paid by the parent/guardian will be assessed based upon the pick-up location.
  • The student or their parent/guardian must call the AAA Driving School Office (open from 9:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m., Monday-Friday) at least 48 hours in advance of the scheduled lesson, if the student is unable to attend a scheduled in-car lesson. The $50 cancellation fee will be charged if proper advance notice is not provided.
  • If the scholarship recipient is unable to successfully complete AAA Driving School’s training program within 180 days of original enrollment, then special arrangements must be made with the Foundation to extend the deadline. If an extension cannot be granted, then the student is responsible for reimbursing Mourning Light Foundation for the cost of the lessons used (the current rate is $55.00 per hour) in addition to any cancellation or administrative fees that have been incurred.
  • Your Mourning Light Foundation Scholarship is a fantastic benefit; however there are limits to scholarship coverage. Additional fees for cancellation of lessons, pick-up/drop-off service or extra lessons beyond the first six hours is not covered by your Mourning Light scholarship.


Successful completion of both classroom and Behind-The-Wheel programs may qualify you for a discount on your auto insurance premiums. Be sure to ask your insurance agent if you qualify.