About Us

Board Members:

  • Melannie Bryson, Registered Nurse – Founder & CEO
  • Shirley Bucher Terenchin, General Nurse Practitioner – Public Relations/Administrative Assistant
  • Howard SilvermanAttorney with Kane & Silverman
  • Chad Harbach – Fundraising
  • Jodi Yocum, Registered Nurse
  • Angie Merkey
    August 31, 1994, our son was born 3 weeks early. During his stay in NICU they found a heart murmur and referred us to Hershey Med Center. After several appointments with the Peds Cardiologist I was not happy with the Dr and chose to take him to Johns Hopkins. He was diagnosed with Pulmonary and Aortic Stenosis but they felt he was in good health and did not need any intervention. After not feeling well with this advice and then an episode of Dalton having problems breathing one evening, I called his Dr and he told me he was fine. I made an appt with CHOP, it was scheduled for Feb 3. Dalton passed away in my arms Jan 16, 1997 at 8:40 am. The years of guilt are still overwhelming some days but knowing Dalton is in Heaven and I will see him again is what keeps me going and helping other parents deal with their loss.